Global Fuel Recycling’s Fuel Recovery Method Patent Approved

April 24, 2012 Tucson, AZ

Global Fuel Recycling’s environmentally responsible Fuel Recovery Method patent was issued under the Green Technology Pilot Program. This pilot program allows for accelerated examinations for applications pertaining to clean technologies, such as environmental quality and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The methods used in fleet fuel recovery have had few innovations over the past several years. Many of the processes currently being used in defueling allow for significant increases in green house gas emissions. The most common siphoning method allows for harmful gas fumes to be released while the lengthy process is performed. Other methods require the car’s engine to run while diverting only a portion of the fuel into the recovery tanks. Again, these methods have been too slow and harmful to the environment to safely and effectively defuel vehicles.

GFR’s newly patented system is a game changer. Their method quickly and easily connects directly to the car’s fuel rail, which maintains a closed system with no chance of harmful fumes to be released. Using their patented Defueling Key technology by simply plugging into the OBDII port found under the dash, their software communicates with the cars on board computer to run the fuel pump until the fuel level reaches a preset level and then shuts the fuel pump off. The entire process is completed in less than 10 minutes without the engine running and without any harmful emissions.

As a revolutionary step in managing fuel recovery, their Defueling Key technology transmits valuable data via cellular transmission back to the customers Defueling Dashboard that is easily accessed by logging onto any computer or smart device. This real time data is used by operators to manage and track their fuel recovery efforts by logging the VIN, date, time, location, and exact amount of fuel recovered from each vehicle.

Global Fuel Recycling’s leadership team consists of executive level veterans from several industries including automobile rental, automotive technology, electronics hardware and software engineering. Because of their fleet experience, they recognized the need for a safer, more efficient, measurable, and environmentally friendly fuel recovery system.

“With the price of gas continuing to increase, fuel recovery has become a significant area of savings for numerous industries to recapture their costly fuel. GFR enables fleet owners and operators to use this innovative system to responsibly add valuable profits to their bottom line.” says CEO Jerry McGuffin.

Industries are now finding value in fuel recovery including car rental companies, large public and private fleet owners, auctions, insurance companies with total loss vehicles, auto exporters and salvage companies.